Last week, the hubby and I watched the world premier of the Martins ballet, one of 7 new ballets that are part of the Architecture of Dance festival at the NYC Ballet this season.  The main draw for us was that Santiago Calatrava, one of my husband’s two favorite living architects (the other being Richard Meier), is a collaborator, having designed the scenic background that will be on stage during the program.

Another reason we wanted to see this ballet is because our buba (it is what we are calling our baby while we are waiting to find out whether it is a boy or a girl) is already on its 17th week, and according to our What to Expect app, buba can now hear from inside my belly, hooray (but now I need to lay off even accidental profanity)!  We’ve always heard that exposing the baby to classical music during pregnancy begets a smarter, mathematically-inclined child, and as always, the hubby wants to do everything that can possibly give buba an advantage when he or she comes out.  This I find sweet most of the time, and a few times quite irritating too (like when I am asked to eat black beans because they are considered a power food for baby, when as most expectant moms know, you really cannot afford to add to the whole ‘gas’ situation).

Anyways, the show was quite worth it (worth the price of the tickets, worth the hubby’s rushing to leave work to make it to Lincoln Center on time).  Martins’ new ballet Mirage was sandwiched between The Prodigal Son and the Western Symphony, which was a great idea because you get warmed up and get more receptive before the new ballet, and the Western Symphony cheers you up on your way out.  The ballet itself was brilliant, the dancers movements were choreographed perfectly to this — there’s no other word for it — sculpture, that also moved.  The collaborative work was so seamless, it became hard to tell if it was the dancers you had come to see or the great piece of art that was meant to be a  background, but certainly commanded attention.  And then when they threw some lighting effect onto Calatrava’s sculpture at the end, I truly felt like I had witnessed a breakthrough in the world of ballet.  Although who am I to say, I have only seen a handful, and of that handful my favorite had been Sleeping Beauty, which probably says I do not have as educated a taste level as the critics.

Now if only buba could also already see and not just hear 🙂  Oh well, hopefully they will start to do more collaborations with architects for him or her to see in a couple of years.