We are at 33 weeks and 3 days today and baby is as big as a pineapple at about 5lbs (shoutout to the WhatToExpect iphone app: thanks!).

Like they say, acceptance is the first step, so this morning I am admitting that I am addicted to shopping.  That sounds a bit common, and quite dangerous ( as far as $$$), so let me be specific:  I am addicted to shopping for anything knitted and for a baby 🙂 – knit baby booties, hats, sweaters – you name it.

Three weeks ago, it was the knit hats that kept catching my fancy in baby stores, so the hubby said I could get one for our little boy.  I spent hours on Etsy.com and finally settled on the really adorable Almost Acorn hat from the Knits ‘n Giggles store on Etsy.  You can choose the color combo that you like and we requested a chocolate brown hat body with mustardseed yellow and rusty orange knitted leaves.  The hat arrived this weekend so I was able to take the photo above (that’s BB the bear modeling the hat).

Today, I ordered our first knit baby bootie from the KnitsDuNord shop, again on Etsy.com.  I figured since I love the color gray so much, and the little buba will have to get used to it, that I should get him a gray piece of his own.  Cannot wait for those gray booties above to arrive 🙂  Other bootie photos are contenders, since I am allowed to buy two more booties.  Such a pleasurable dilemma 🙂