J. crew Britten boots

One of my recently discovered and now favorite online retailers, ASOS , just announced the US version of the website on their Facebook page!  So happy to see that they offer basically the same inventory as they do on the original site, and just hopeful that standard shipping will now get my orders to me faster.  Truth is, I have been living on mostly their stuff for the past six months (since Y and I found out we were expecting), and have now graduated to falling in love with their regular line as well.  I have no doubt that even after the little guy comes, I will still be buying their clothes, especially their new line ASOS White – I have earmarked a few pieces already.  Above pics are two of the dresses I received from them, the gray one being worn to death, the blue one I am reserving for the baby shower.  I love them both!  Makes having a round belly really fab and cute 🙂

I was standing at the bus stop wearing the black version of the gray dress above yesterday, along with a camel sweater from their regular line, when a woman asked me where I shopped for my maternity clothes – she was also expecting at seven weeks – and I was quite flattered.  These days, I am grateful for any small compliment. 🙂 So for full disclosure, I have included a photo of the J.Crew Britten tall flat boots I was wearing to complete the outfit.  Not as intimidating as the heeled boots in my closet, but very, very comfortable for walking around Manhattan with an extra 22 pounds. 🙂