On maternity dresses…

May 20, 2010

It’s almost the end of our first trimester :), and also apparently, the end of the line for my regular clothes.  As I sit here after a burrito lunch (which cannot have helped matters), and unbutton my pants, I thank God for having an office and proceed to look for maternity clothes online.  I remember reading somewhere about there being fashion forward wear for moms-to-be from the retailer Asos.  And without letting myself be distracted by the great items in their “regular” women’s line, I head straight to the maternity page, and almost immediately find a dress that will surely help me come to terms with having to give my current wardrobe a hiatus.  The navy color and the no-frills yet coolly different air of the dress makes it fit in with my usual style, and aside from the extra room in the tummy, it could be part of my neutral, well-cut uniform.  And by the way, only $51!   Now just crossing my fingers that I love it as much when the package arrives 🙂


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