When stars are aligned

May 11, 2010

May 5 was quite a great day for me and the hubby.  It was a beautiful Wednesday morning for our first prenatal visit to our obstetrician.  And although as with annual physicals and other routine check-ups,  you are always a bit uncomfortable, seeing our baby on the sonogram was quite amazing.  And he/she was such a show kid, the little feet even gave a few kicks while it was being measured 🙂

After the checkup, still marveling at having seen him/her, we decided to take the crosstown bus back to the UES.  But just as we had hopped on, my phone rang with someone at a leasing office for an apartment on the UWS that I had left a message for the previous day.  Very unlike us, we decided to get off the bus and meet the agent at the building on W 78th and Columbus.  Lo and behold, we walked into an apartment that we just felt had to be destined for us to have a baby in .  It was perfect.  Like most nyc apartments, it was not a massive amount of square footage, but the living room area and the bedroom had 13ft ceilings, big windows in both spaces, looking out to a garden, a brick wall, and only one flight up.  The husband then went on to the leasing office to do the application while I headed back to work, and by the end of the day, the perfect apartment was ours.

Days like that one are rare, but every once in a while you are lucky to have the chance to be thankful that the stars line up for you.


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