Hats off and in the air at NYC Opera

December 11, 2009

When I read about a site-specific installation being set up at the newly renovated David H. Koch Theatre, my first thought was “genius!” I was expecting a pay-to-view exhibition of works that would take up a section of the building temporarily to help NYC Opera recoup some of what was surely a renovation that went over budget (consider the price-hike for everything in the current state of the economy). But I was wrong. As I walked into the theatre lobby to attend the cocktail reception, I realized that not only is the installation free for opera ticket holders (will be on view till April 18, 2010), but the dynamic sculptures were not taking up any square footage in the promenade, as they were strung way up in the air. The artist E.V. Day had used the City Opera costumes to construct suspended sculptures of the couture garments in dramatic positions or poses.  It is an added bonus that you are able to view the works from the different perspectives afforded by the three floors up, as well as from the promenade floor. My favorite of them all is piece #4 in the exhibition, which was of about three dozen of ornate hats/head-gear that were part of City Opera’s wardrobe. I just couldn’t help thinking, where were these hats on Halloween, when I was struggling to find inspiration for a costume?


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