Guggenheim turns 50

October 21, 2009

Moms with babies posing in front of the Guggenheim

It was such a wonderful 65 degree morning today that no one minded the long line to get in the Guggenheim.  The museum opened at 10am, but at 9:15, the line had already rounded the corner.  Perhaps it was the free admission (everyone loves freebies), but there was a general happy and celebratory spirit in the air as people discussed Frank Lloyd Wright’s genius while waiting to enter and see the Kandinsky show (more on this exhibit later) and the other exhibitions currently on view.

After a couple of hours I had to force myself to leave due to exhaustion (I always find the walk up to take a toll) and a strong caffeine craving.  As I walked out, I could not help but snap a photo of this group of moms and their babies posing in front of the 50th Anniversary sign.  I got a pleasant rush from knowing that some of the next generation are getting started early in appreciating the arts.  That, and the babies were just so adorable!


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