We are at 33 weeks and 3 days today and baby is as big as a pineapple at about 5lbs (shoutout to the WhatToExpect iphone app: thanks!).

Like they say, acceptance is the first step, so this morning I am admitting that I am addicted to shopping.  That sounds a bit common, and quite dangerous ( as far as $$$), so let me be specific:  I am addicted to shopping for anything knitted and for a baby 🙂 – knit baby booties, hats, sweaters – you name it.

Three weeks ago, it was the knit hats that kept catching my fancy in baby stores, so the hubby said I could get one for our little boy.  I spent hours on Etsy.com and finally settled on the really adorable Almost Acorn hat from the Knits ‘n Giggles store on Etsy.  You can choose the color combo that you like and we requested a chocolate brown hat body with mustardseed yellow and rusty orange knitted leaves.  The hat arrived this weekend so I was able to take the photo above (that’s BB the bear modeling the hat).

Today, I ordered our first knit baby bootie from the KnitsDuNord shop, again on Etsy.com.  I figured since I love the color gray so much, and the little buba will have to get used to it, that I should get him a gray piece of his own.  Cannot wait for those gray booties above to arrive 🙂  Other bootie photos are contenders, since I am allowed to buy two more booties.  Such a pleasurable dilemma 🙂


J. crew Britten boots

One of my recently discovered and now favorite online retailers, ASOS , just announced the US version of the website on their Facebook page!  So happy to see that they offer basically the same inventory as they do on the original site, and just hopeful that standard shipping will now get my orders to me faster.  Truth is, I have been living on mostly their stuff for the past six months (since Y and I found out we were expecting), and have now graduated to falling in love with their regular line as well.  I have no doubt that even after the little guy comes, I will still be buying their clothes, especially their new line ASOS White – I have earmarked a few pieces already.  Above pics are two of the dresses I received from them, the gray one being worn to death, the blue one I am reserving for the baby shower.  I love them both!  Makes having a round belly really fab and cute 🙂

I was standing at the bus stop wearing the black version of the gray dress above yesterday, along with a camel sweater from their regular line, when a woman asked me where I shopped for my maternity clothes – she was also expecting at seven weeks – and I was quite flattered.  These days, I am grateful for any small compliment. 🙂 So for full disclosure, I have included a photo of the J.Crew Britten tall flat boots I was wearing to complete the outfit.  Not as intimidating as the heeled boots in my closet, but very, very comfortable for walking around Manhattan with an extra 22 pounds. 🙂

September 21, 2010

September 27, 2010

I have never been one to watch my steps. My entire life I have counted on pretty strong leg and thigh muscles to quickly regain my balance when I occasionally tripped or stumbled. And when I do fall, a few years of judo classes in my teens have taught me to “fall right.” Add to that my high tolerance for pain and it amounts to my never ever having to be careful, movement-wise.

Last week I learned my lesson. Y has told me repeatedly in the last few months to not walk/bend/get up so fast because I am pregnant. I should have listened. When it comes to what my body can handle I have never listened. To anyone. Not my dad, not Y, and apparently not even to triage nurses. Talk about stubborn.

And here is what happened. I was heading out of the apartment and did my usual rummaging through my bag while walking down steps. My left foot missed the second to the last step entirely (because as most expectant women know, your eyesight gets a little bit bad at some point during the pregnancy). Split second of sheer panic and I remember to push my right foot against the step to twist clockwise so that I land on my side instead of my belly. Fortunately, I manage to not hit my belly or butt at all, with my left ankle and right wrist taking the brunt of impact and I slide against the wall on my left to a sitting position. I had never been as frightened as I was in that moment. I sit for a little while, feeling my left ankle, right wrist and knee start to get numb, knowing sharp pain would follow shortly. All I could think about was that I was not bleeding. And that if it turned out that our little baby would need to be delivered, he was already 28 weeks, and at 26 weeks there is an 80% survival rate. And my little boy was surely a fighter. A few moments more I try to get up. And once up, start wondering if I should go back to the apartment, or head out to the hospital or the office. I decide that I am calling my doctor, and that if she said I should go to the hospital, then the office would be closer to Cornell. So I walk to the bus stop benches and call Y. I tell him not panic, but that we fell. I told him I was worried about germs at the ER, so I would call the doctor first. I eventually arrive at the office before the nurse calls back to say that the Labor and Delivery Center at Weill Cornell would be expecting me, so I should go as early as I can to get checked out. I call Y and say that I am going immediately and he should not bother leaving the office to go with me, since it will take him an hour and a half to get there and I will probably be done.

When I walk into Labor and Delivery, the nurse gets my information and then tags me with a hospital bracelet. I start wondering if I should have let Y hurry to get to us, in case they do decided that the baby should not wait. The nurse attached a few cords to apparently check for contractions and monitor the baby’s heartbeat. After 20 minutes of supposedly healthy heartbeat, they did a sonogram to check the fluid in the amniotic sac and my little guy’s head. At this point I was already about to cry with worry. A doctor walked in to see if I am in pain anywhere else other than my belly, and I mentioned the ankle, wrist, and knee, but that I was fine and I was used to such injuries. She then asks the nurse to keep me on the baby monitor for two hours. I started to hate myself for being so bloody self-sufficient. I really needed Y to be there. But there was no signal in the triage rooms. It took me 15 minutes to send out a text message, so no use trying to ask him to come. I felt bad knowing he was probably worried to death, since his calls would not have gone through.
At the end of the two hours I spent on the baby monitor, baby was given a clean bill of health (thank you guardian angels!) and I was told to stay off my feet for a little while. The following day, Y worked from home to stay with me and help put cold compress on my kneecap and ankle. You would think it was sweet but he lectured me the whole day.
I could have told him it was not necessary. I was mad enough at myself. No more rushing around acting like superwoman for me.

Here is a post that I had apparently left on draft for over 6 months:

I suppose I should have written down my thoughts on Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels auction right after the event, but for what I have narrowed down to a couple of reasons, I procrastinated.  The more practical one is that we had such horrible weather that day, the 9th of December.  If not for the fact that I had gone to the viewing two days earlier and was quite intrigued by the selection of pieces that were going to be put up, I would not have braved heading out more times than was absolutely necessary.  The auction was also not as glamorous a scene in comparison to the other auctions I have been to, or even half as chic as the exhibition for it.  There were no regally dressed women, none of the fashion-forward younger crowd, because as can be expected, New Yorkers can be quite pragmatic about dressing for the weather.   A uniform of Hunter boots (I was in a navy blue pair myself), Arche water resistant boots, and other such footwear complemented the parade of trench coats from the small fraction of people who managed to attend.  Leaving Sotheby’s was also a bit of an ordeal with everyone clamoring for cabs, that I did not have the energy to actually put pen to paper (or in actuality, type on my laptop) later that evening.

The other reason is that I had decided before attending to make a list of my top 5 pieces, but as is usually the case when it comes to jewelry, my greedy eye had the best of me, and I marked more than double that number.  I eventually edited down to 10 pieces that are either classic, regal items that I would love to have worn in the Regency era, or more ironic, interesting pieces that suit my personality (not that I would currently be able to afford any of them, but it never hurts to dream ).

It’s a boy! :)

July 22, 2010

It may seem a bit odd, but the hubby and I have had the two books above for about a year already (must have been fate, since we are only 20 weeks in, and we had no idea how soon we would need them).  We found them while shopping for a friend’s baby shower.  She was going to have a boy and when we picked up the baby boy book, I really felt like I wanted to get the set for our future kids.  Last Wednesday, we finally put them to use 🙂  We brought both books with us to the hospital for our ultrasound appointment.  I have never seen Y (I have just decided to refer to him as Y from this point on, since our posts are becoming more frequent, due to the baby) so ecstatic when we were told it was going to be a boy.  See the picture he edited below (and posted on his facebook account, no less).

It really is quite amusing to see the difference inY since we found out about our bundle of joy.  His usual policy of not making status updates on facebook/twitter, etc, is put aside for proclamations about his upcoming “buddy.”  Also, his aversion to shopping is now apparently gone, as he has arrived home a couple of times bearing gifts, like the matching baby mat and sleeper below in the photo below.  Aren’t they cute? 🙂

In true project management fashion (I have started thinking of the whole pregnancy as a project), here is a status update

  • We are a mango this week, today at 18 W and 5D (last week we were a sweet potato)
  • The hubby has purchased a portable AC (for us to be comfy in NYC’s Heatpocalypse) and track lighting – he has installed the AC, the track lighting is waiting for the weekend.  I am so happy to be married to a guy who knows his way around home repairs/installs – add to that he’s gorgeous too :p  Anyways, buba and I now sleep very well on our sleep number bed with 4ooTC sheets, silk pillowcases (made by my mom, thanks mom!), and perfect 74degree temperature.
  • We find out in 5 days what buba will be 🙂 – The hubby has always said that it looks like it will be a girl, because I am getting prettier by the day.  I am not quite sure that’s true, but I am sure that he is the sweetest guy in the world and I am the luckiest woman I know :).  Also, yesterday, one of my colleagues said that she is predicting I am having a girl (she’s had two babies, and got the gender right both times).  So if I am having a girl, buba when you read this someday, I am making a conscious effort to dress her in neutral colors, or blue and whites stripes, or red and white stripes, anything with stripes really, yellows, greens, but NOT bubblegum pink.  Definitely NOT.  If buba turns out to be a boy, then no issues 🙂
  • Incidentally, I am wearing bright pink today.  Uncharacteristically colorful for me.  Come to think of it, I have worn a lot of reds this week.  Perhaps its on account of my comfy red flats, or the red coral bracelets that my mom sent me (to wear for good health), or the halfway present that the hubby got me, which is the brooch with a dangling red heart in the photo above.  Also, on the bus this morning, I was looking at the various designer collections on the Style.com app (which, since getting the iPhone 4 has  become my favorite app), and found myself again uncharacteristically drawn to the colorful and quite floral Fall 2010 Couture Collection from Dior (below are some pics).  So now I think, perhaps buba is a girl, with my current odd attraction to feminine styles and colors.  Hmmm, five more days.

Last week, the hubby and I watched the world premier of the Martins ballet, one of 7 new ballets that are part of the Architecture of Dance festival at the NYC Ballet this season.  The main draw for us was that Santiago Calatrava, one of my husband’s two favorite living architects (the other being Richard Meier), is a collaborator, having designed the scenic background that will be on stage during the program.

Another reason we wanted to see this ballet is because our buba (it is what we are calling our baby while we are waiting to find out whether it is a boy or a girl) is already on its 17th week, and according to our What to Expect app, buba can now hear from inside my belly, hooray (but now I need to lay off even accidental profanity)!  We’ve always heard that exposing the baby to classical music during pregnancy begets a smarter, mathematically-inclined child, and as always, the hubby wants to do everything that can possibly give buba an advantage when he or she comes out.  This I find sweet most of the time, and a few times quite irritating too (like when I am asked to eat black beans because they are considered a power food for baby, when as most expectant moms know, you really cannot afford to add to the whole ‘gas’ situation).

Anyways, the show was quite worth it (worth the price of the tickets, worth the hubby’s rushing to leave work to make it to Lincoln Center on time).  Martins’ new ballet Mirage was sandwiched between The Prodigal Son and the Western Symphony, which was a great idea because you get warmed up and get more receptive before the new ballet, and the Western Symphony cheers you up on your way out.  The ballet itself was brilliant, the dancers movements were choreographed perfectly to this — there’s no other word for it — sculpture, that also moved.  The collaborative work was so seamless, it became hard to tell if it was the dancers you had come to see or the great piece of art that was meant to be a  background, but certainly commanded attention.  And then when they threw some lighting effect onto Calatrava’s sculpture at the end, I truly felt like I had witnessed a breakthrough in the world of ballet.  Although who am I to say, I have only seen a handful, and of that handful my favorite had been Sleeping Beauty, which probably says I do not have as educated a taste level as the critics.

Now if only buba could also already see and not just hear 🙂  Oh well, hopefully they will start to do more collaborations with architects for him or her to see in a couple of years.